LibreCAD 2.0.0alpha4 Released


We are pleased to annouce the releasing of 2.0.0alpha4 after two months of development since 2.0.0alpha3.

New features implemented since 2.0.0alpha3: dxfrw is now the default dxf library for LibreCAD; Painter draws only visible part within the viewport; All intersection point location is by a unified quadratic form; Initial implementation of hyperbola, but there’s no GUI support yet, therefore, not visible to end users; Added a circle drawing method: to draw tangent circle passing two given points.

There are a lots of bug fixing, but we do have some high priority bugs left broken in this release, mostly due to the complexity of those bugs.

Here’s a list of contributors since 2.0.0alpha3 in alphabetic order:

Dongxu Li, Erik Pagel, Mario Frasca, Michał Szczygieł, Rallaz, RoboMod, Scott Howard, unknown(???)

Please feel free to join us to make LibreCAD a great 2D CAD and geometry tool!