Bricscad (Linux) releases Version 12.2.13


Bricscad (Linux) releases Version 12.2.13


  • ATI : Support for ATI graphic cards has been added to RedSDK. As a result hardware accelerated 3D rendering will now also work on ATI hardware.


  • SR35093, SR34950, SR35575 - PDF: Fixed export to Pdf.
  • SR34839, SR34891, SR34973 - FILLET: A crash occured in FILLET command with Radius=0 when two polylines were selected. Fixed.
  • SR35054 - MTEXT: Fixed crash that happened when an object field was added to an mtext using the mtext editor.
  • SR32923 - PRINT: Print output was inappropriately shifted. Fixed.
  • SR35159 - CTRL+DRAGGING: When pressing and holding down the Ctrl key while dragging a selection set, the selection set is copied instead of moved when the mouse button is released.
  • SR34844 - INSERT DIALOG: When inserting/creating blocks or inserting raster images the dialog loading time is significantly improved for drawings containing a very large number of blocks/images.
  • SR34031 - EXTRUDE: Fixed EXTRUDE for 3d polylines.
  • SR34231 - LOCKED LAYER PROPERTIES: Fixed crash triggered by changing property values of entities on locked layers.
  • SR34155 - PRINT MULTIPLE COPIES: When printing to multiple copies, use one multi-copy job rather than multiple single-copy jobs. For drivers that do not support multiple copies printing, multiple jobs will still be created.
  • SR34281 - INSERT BLOCKS FROM DRAWING EXPLORER: Added Options dialog to Drawing Explorer, with options for insert block operation (align/scale/rotation).
  • SR33784 - AUTOSAVE: Filename fields were overwritten with autosave backup file name after autosave.
  • SR31531, SR32605 - HIGHLIGHTEFFECT: Fixed problems caused by setting HIGHLIGHTEFFECT variable to values 1 or 3 in SHADEMODE = hidden.
  • SR26248 - STATUS BAR: The Status Bar contains a button named 'ESnap', but the Status Bar Menu (shown when the black arrow in the right corner of the status bar is clicked) listed 'OSnap' instead of 'ESnap'. Fixed.
  • SR24443 - PSPACE MSPACE SWITCHING: Fixed switching from pspace to mspace, in case of not-rectangular viewport, real boundary is respected now.
  • SR24097 - PSPACE MSPACE: double-click in pspace doesn't lead to selecting entity in mspace.
  • SR34362 - INTERSECT, UNION, SUBTRACT: Corrected commands INTERSECT, UNION, SUBTRACT: if result of boolean operations is empty, then resultant entity is deleted (this concerns both 3DSOLIDs and REGIONs).
  • SR34362 - INTERSECT, UNION: From now on the commands UNION, INTERSECT are terminated, if less than two entities are selected, like in Acad.
  • SR34097 - STRETCH: Fixed stretch command, the viewport context is not scaled when stretching viewport in paper space.
  • SR23954, SR28339 - DRAWING EXPLORER: After erasing a block that includes references to other blocks, update the count of nested block references in the Drawing Explorer.
  • DRAWING EXPLORER: Fixed wrong number of block references, displayed in Drawing Explorer, in case when block has repeated items in its reference list.
  • ANNOALLVISIBLE: Added support for ANNOALLVISIBLE system variable, accessible through commandline and settings dialog.
  • SR33734 - PROPERTIES BAR: Grouped properties now show proper display name and the values as group value
  • SR34517 - FILEDIA: Fixed typo in the description of FILEDIA in the Settings dialog.
  • SR34521 - RENDER: Fixed typo in the -Render command prompt.
  • SR34559 - FIND: the 'zoom to' option was zooming in too closely on the text.
  • SR34115 - SNAP: Temporary rubber band now goes to snapped point and no longer to cursor position
  • SR34104 - LAYER PROPERTIES: Avoided view regeneration after changing layer properties in Drawing Explorer (thawing of layer still leads to regeneration, this is correct).
  • SR30320 - TABLE EXPORT: Table export is now available in the context menu when one table entity is selected.
  • SR34430 - HATCH: Nested hatch boundaries, produced by text entities, should be ignored in calculation of hatch area.
  • SR34027, SR34050 - PRINT: Fixed regression: layout graphics is shifted or even disappears from the view after printing.
  • SR33309 - PRINT TO FILE: Implemented 'Print to file' checkbox in the Print dialog.
  • RASTER IMAGES: Printing of (transparent) raster images may now work better. Your mileage may vary, depending on the printer driver, especially with PDF printers.

Application Development

  • SR34938 - LAYOUTSWITCHED REACTOR : Fixed a timing problem for "layoutSwitched" reactor event, which was sent much too early, when Bricscad did not have processed this internally; as result, the display system was not yet updated, which could result in strange errors and crashes, depending on client applications handling during this event.
  • SR35030 - LISP PLOTSTYLENAME: (vla-get-plotstylename) resp. (vlax-get-property obj 'PlotStyleName) returned a garbaged string for Layer Objects - this is fixed now.
  • LISP VLE: Fixed an issue with (vle-alert title msg flags) - "msg" and "title" arguments were switched
  • SR34995 - ENTGET: In Lisp,SDS,BRX, the functions (entget) / sds_entget() / acedEntGet() could cause an exception, when used with an AcDbBlockBegin/OdDbBlockBegin object of an erased BlockTableRecord (i.e. after _PURGE command).
  • SR34377 - LISP: (vl-sort) could fail and return the original (unsorted) list. This happened if the used comparator function triggered an error with (atoi) or (atof) usage, for instance with (atoi "abc") or (atof "xyz"). Fixed.
  • SR34417, SR34542 - LISP: Fixed 210 groupcode in (entget) function for LWPOLYLINE (was 2D by mistake, instead of 3D); now only groupcode 10 is given as 2D point for LWPOLYLINE.
  • SR34378 - BRX: Fixed a problem with AcApDocManager::lockDocument(kAutoWrite) - the pending document lock was not automatically released, and related Undo record was not closed.
  • SR34454 - LISP: corrected (setvar 'CPlotStyle ...) to match AutoCAD's (incorrect) behaviour. If PStyleMode=1, Acad does not verify the value, but simply returns input value; in this case, CPlotStyle is a read-only system variable.
  • SR34432 - LISP: Fixed a problem with (foreach item ), where was evaluated for each loop cycle, which could result in very strange issues (and also reduces performance).
  • SR34470 - LISP: A builtin Lisp functions could be reset to NIL, by using a variable with the same name as the builtin function. For safety of the Lisp engine, built-in functions are protected now.
  • SR34439 - LISP: When an entity is (un-)erased, do not send a "modified" event for (vlr-acdb-reactor) clients.
  • SR34554 - TEXTSIZE : fixed behaviour for Text/DText/Attdef commands - the TEXTSIZE system variable is now always set to last-used textsize (as assigned to text/attdef object) at the end of the commands (this matches AutoCAD behaviour), even when no dedicated textsize was set during these commands (but textsize was taken from textstyle, if non-0)
  • SYSVARWILLCHANGE EVENT: "sysvarWillChange" reactor event was sent too late, after the system variable was already changed; this is fixed now, "sysvarWillChange" event is correctly sent before changing the system variable
  • SR34419 - TEXTBOX: (textbox) / sds_testbox() / acedTextBox() - as per declaration, the text definition must be treated as origin=0,0,0 and text rotation as 0 (270 degree for vertical texts), and on world XY-plane => this is fixed now, and results are now identical to AutoCAD
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