Chemical Engineering Training Course Encore, Fall 2012


This past May we held a brand new series of chemical engineering training courses in Burlington, MA. The series featured our new Electrodeposition and Corrosion courses. These courses were paired up with our Batteries & Fuel Cells and popular 2-Day Intensive Training courses. In short, it was a week-long electrochemical extravaganza. This fall these courses are returning to Burlington.


Chemical Engineering Training: Electroplating modeled in the COMSOL Multiphysics Electrodeposition Module

The feedback from training attendees was very positive and many others expressed an interest in future training opportunities. A few days following the courses, our applications team caught wind of the feedback and decided to add these three chemical engineering simulations courses for the fall 2012 training line-up.

Version 4.3 unveiled three new modules, and with novel modules comes the need for redesigned specialized training. The Electrodeposition course familiarizes attendees with how to use the Electrodeposition Module for simulations of shape and composition of electrodeposits. The Corrosion Module and how it is utilized in corrosion process modeling will be covered in the Corrosion course. In the training provided for Batteries & Fuel Cells, participants will learn how the module is used for studying the influence of electrode structure and geometry, as well as the materials and operating conditions on the device performance at the unit cell level. For full course descriptions visit the links below, or browse our North and South America Summer and Fall 2012 Training Series brochure.

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