Lantek’s technical support delivers increased productivity and faster return on investment

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Investing in laser, punching or plasma cutting machinery is costly, so companies will want to maximize returns and operate the machinery as efficiently as possible. A major element in the successful functioning of the equipment is the choice of CAM system for creating the CNC code and the technical support available to the user.


Lantek has been developing its Lantek Expert software for over 25 years and as a solutions provider offers its customers software and service tailored to the individual needs of the client. Paul Such, Technical Director at Lantek Systems UK says, “We have a team of engineers in our Malvern office that understand not only our software and its application, but also the intricacies of each machine and its control unit. We have a fully manned help desk for telephone support and also remote access software which enables us to operate our customer’s computers to resolve any queries as quickly as possible. Our ability to distinguish between a software issue and an issue with the machine and its control unit makes a big difference as it enables us to give advice which quickly gets to the root of any problem and enables the customer to minimize any disruption to the production schedule.” Laser technology can be complex so Lantek’s ability to provide advice on settings and the use of the laser machine itself can be invaluable.


Over 84% of Lantek’s business is in markets outside Spain, where the software is developed, and the emphasis on high quality service is common to all of the company’s offices and distribution channels. It realizes that there are significant technical and cultural differences between different countries and markets, so the local support and service it offers is extremely important in tailoring its offerings to suit the individual needs of manufacturers.


Rob Powell, Managing Director of Lantek Systems UK says, “We are aware that there are low cost CAM systems available, but the disadvantage is the level of support you can expect to receive. With a low cost system, the supplier will be unable to offer a problem solving service. Downtime in production as a result of unresolved queries will quickly eat up any difference in cost between our system and a low cost one.”


As well as the service, support and regular software updates offered by Lantek as part of its maintenance package, the company also supplies additional modules for managing activities such as production, stock levels, purchasing and quotations. By implementing these, companies can achieve cost savings and major increases in productivity which will extend the solution across the whole enterprise, again backed by Lantek’s support team.