solidThinking Evolve 9.0 Releases with Support for KeyShot


Luxion, a leading developer of advanced 3D rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot®, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program for 3D rendering and animation, is pleased to announce that solidThinking Evolve 9.0 has launched with all new file export for KeyShot.

This week, solidThinking, Inc. releases the newest version of their concept design and 3D modeling software, solidThinking Evolve 9.0 and with it, support to save KeyShot .bip files directly from the software interface. With the simple 'Save as...' option, users have the choice of optimizing the file with three tesselation options (view tesselation, fast tesselation or custom) and the additional option to open the file immediately in KeyShot. With this, all materials assignments by part or layer are retained with the hierarchy of materials that is brought directly into the KeyShot scene tree.

solidThinking Evolve 9.0 now allows the option to save out a KeyShot .bip file.
solidThinking Evolve 9.0 now allows the option to export a KeyShot .bip file.

 “The new option to save models from Evolve 9.0 and open them directly in KeyShot creates a much smoother design workflow.” said Thomas Teger, VP, Products and Strategy at Luxion. “solidThinking users can now save out a KeyShot file, creating a standard file format for any solidThinking Evolve user. On top of that, the .bip file maintains the material assignments, the assembly structure, part level appearance and the orientation of the model. It also speeds up the process by allowing users to send files in the KeyShot format rather than sharing IP in the form of actual geometry.”

Features of the solidThinking Evolve 9.0 KeyShot save option include:

  • Materials and layers retained on save
  • Tesselation quality options on save
  • Option to open with KeyShot on save 
  • Hierarchy of materials created in KeyShot scene tree
  • All objects retain applied materials (can be unlinked)
  • Hidden layer will not be imported

Additionally, the exported .bip files may be opened in KeyShot 3, available on both the Mac and PC platform. A video showing the workflow from solidThinking Evolve 9.0 to KeyShot is avaialable for viewing here. This new capability is included as part of the new features in solidThinking Evolve 9.0 available now at To find out more about KeyShot and see what sets it apart, visit

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