Nikon Metrology introduces premium portable scanning solution featuring new MCAx articulated arm and ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx scanners


At the IMTS exhibition in Chicago, Nikon Metrology introduces the MCAx Manual Coordinate Measuring Arm - a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx digital handheld laser scanners and Focus 10 Handheld scanning and inspection software. This total solution’s accuracy, capability and portability make it feel perfectly at home in the metrology lab, on the shop floor and in-the-field. The MCAx arm can be equipped with a wide range of probing systems for laser scanning, touch-trigger measurements and continuous scanning. The new 7-axis MCAx range of articulated arms is available with a measurement volume ranging from 2.0 and 4.5 meter diameter.


Accuracy and capability at your fingertips

Through the inclusion of features such as: aerospace-grade carbon tubes for stability; absolute encoders for immediate start-up; excellent ergonomic design; and simultaneous probe and scanner mounting - the outstanding capability, accuracy and repeatability of the MCAx arms truly complements the industry-proven high-precision ModelMaker MMDx and MMCx handheld scanners.

A complete handheld scanning solution

A one-stop-shop integrated metrology solution guarantees smooth and reliable system operation and solid support. The ModelMaker MMDx/MMCx digital handheld scanners paired with MCAx portable articulated co-ordinate measuring arms and fully-featured Focus point cloud processing software reduce measurement times and allow rapid diagnosis of dimensional quality issues in all areas of manufacturing. This enables shorter time-to-market and with greater confidence by meeting the highest quality standards.

Scan any material

Through Enhanced Scanning Performance (ESP3), the ModelMaker scanner adapts its laser power to suit the surface characteristics of the object. During scanning, it automatically tracks changes in surface conditions – both color and reflectivity – and adapts laser power and sensor settings accordingly in real-time. As a result, ModelMaker is able to accurately and efficiently handle parts with any surface color and texture, without requiring re-scanning , spraying nor time consuming tuning of scanning parameters.