GstarCAD is Going to Release GstarCAD MC PRO


Recently, GstarCAD is going to release a professional edition of CAD software --GstarCAD MC PRO. A lot of features were upgraded based on GstarCAD MC. Users can read a DWG format file via GstarCAD MC PRO without any conversion.

GstarCAD MC, which was released last year, is CAD software that can be used on mobile ends. Users can open, edit, share and save CAD drawings on a mobile device by GstarCAD MC。 And it supports users to do communication, revision and annotation in the places of construction site, meeting room or outdoors, etc. Since the publish of GstarCAD MC, it was widely applied in communication of design scheme, on-site inspection of construction quality and progress, on-site annotation and so on. It has brought users great convenience and received a wide acclaim.

After publication, according to users' feedback, GstarCAD has done a lot of work for innovation of the function of GstarCAD MC. For example the previous edition of GstarCAD MC could not open a DWG file directly. Users had to convert its format by PC before open it. And now, this problem has a perfect solution by the developers of GstarCAD. Users can open DWG files via GstarCAD MC directly without conversion.

Besides, GstarCAD MC adopted font language intelligent analysis technology. It supports big fonts used in East Asia such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese etc. GstarCAD MC also supports *.shx font format. Users can edit the font mapping file and upload font file to extend the font library. This is a significant advancement compared with other similar products.(Fig.1)


After publication of GstarCAD MC PRO, GstarCAD will finish a new arrangement of mobile CAD software: GstarCAD MC is divided into free edition and professional edition, free edition is used to open, edit drawings, but it cannot save the drawings; the professional edition supports open and saving drawings. The two editions are different from functions and position, each of them will provide users different choice according to their needs.