BTU University hosts meeting for COMET robot machining project


Consortium members of the COMET project on machining with robots gathered for the 7th General Assembly meeting at the striking BTU University Library, Cottbus, Germany from 26th – 28th September 2012. With the end date of the R&D work in sight, final polishing of the COMET developments is taking place. Starting from November 2012, the consortium will be focused on demonstrations and training on the COMET technology.

The combination of continued development of all COMET platform pieces has resulted in very encouraging results that now have led to the planning of a very ambitious training program to disseminate the project results so that the wider audience know in depth the new opportunities that COMET robot machining is bringing to the high-end manufacturing scene.

During the meeting, the consortium visited the BTU University laboratory to see a variety of demonstrations, both closely related to the COMET project and also other robotics’ applications. These were of great interest as they included real-time robot machining of "Carmen”: the well-known and respected freeform milling test piece.

Present from the European Commission were Prof. Vincenzo Nicolò, Project Technical Advisor, and Advisory Board Member Prof. J.P. Kruth. Prof. Nicolò, when summarizing his opinion on the progress so far stated, "When a project is successful, it is because of the fact that each person working on it is 100% devoted to the project. COMET is one of these cases.” Prof. Kruth noted that he was impressed by the progress of the project in just over 18 months, and more specifically on the way that the COMET consortium had integrated all the development into a purpose oriented platform.
It was clear that much has been achieved over the last six months. The partners have invested a lot of effort to overcome the challenges of the project and it is evident that there is a strong commitment within the consortium to meet the project target.

In the remaining six months of the COMET project, the consortium will focus on proving that robot machining is a cost-effective and reliable manufacturing solution by demonstrating the platform across a variety of real-world applications and providing training sessions to the key members of the EU manufacturing community.

For more information about the COMET project, visit and the project’s social media pages, including Facebook (Comet project) and Twitter (@COMET_project).

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