CadFaster for Vectorworks 2013 now available


CadFaster|Collaborate 3D CAD software has been updated for the new Vectorworks 2013 software. This easy-to-install plug-in provides design and engineering teams with the power to distribute 3D CAD and BIM models effortlessly and to invite others to view and mark them up remotely and in real time, even from a laptop or iPad.

CadFaster for Vectorworks 2013 adds high-quality, high-resolution textures, bitmap colors, and image props that will benefit landscape, lighting, and building designers looking to share the realistic shapes and appearances of their 3D models with anyone, anywhere.

“The people who have viewed the CadFaster models I’ve sent have been very impressed,” said C. Andrew Dunning of Landru Design. “One client was able to view our project in a ‘non-CAD’ way and was able to interact with what I’d created, and two potential vendors were better able to understand an otherwise difficult-to-describe structure I’d created on which I was asking them to bid. Also, a huge ‘plus’ for the clients on the Windows platform was not having to download any sort of app.”