Celebrating 10,000,000 downloads


When we first released AutoCAD WS, about two years ago, we wanted to provide our users with instant access to their designs along and the ability to cross boundaries and do things they weren’t able to before. We saw the opportunities created by the rising technologies of cloud, web and mobile, and the increasing need for immediate access to your design data wherever you are. Today we are excited to celebrate 10,000,000 downloads of our mobile application and are excited to see that for our users, this dream has become a reality and in many cases, a daily routine.

“Now we have what we used to dream about back in the day” says Gareth Bellamy, a design manager at OPUS International Consultants, New Zealand. “We use AutoCAD WS to share site development drawings with contractors who are now utilizing tablets on site. AutoCAD WS speeds up communication and drawing releases. It is fast, uncomplicated and has all the basic tools needed to do the job. We are looking into rolling WS out on all our projects nationally”.

Millions of users have adopted AutoCAD WS around the world and are now enjoying all the great advantages it has to offer. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity and thank all of our passionate users that helped us get to this remarkable achievement. Your support and feedback have been well heard and had significant influence on our product roadmap and future plans. During the last year, we have released a number of long requested features such as the mobile camera integration, GPS tracking, 3D viewing and more. We are actively working on future improvements and plan to continue provide you with the tools you need along with an excellent user experience. We invite you all to share with us your AutoCAD WS experience in our facebook page or at We are always happy to hear what’s on your mind and as you’ve seen in the past, we do listen..

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