NEWS Releases Welding Symbol Library for AutoCAD

Published: has developed a specialized CAD Welding Library of Symbols that is now electronically deliverable. 

The complete set of symbology for welding drawings uses specifications from American Welding Society (AWS). The software add-on can be also be accessed from the menu bar within AutoCAD.  

Welding Block Library Features:              

  • Welding blocks simply integrates into AutoCAD’s menu bar              

  • Blocks inherit current layer properties

  • Draw with American Welding Society (AWS) specs.

  • Organized and easy to use

  • Free installation available if needed      

169 welding symbols are included and are organized as thumbnails within the drop-down menu.                

SimpleCAD director, Erik Z says: "The Welding Library is organized and very easy to install. But if you need help, we offer a remote install to your computer using a small app we provide. SimpleCAD also offers a 30-day guarantee on the drawing package."

Welding Library Requirements:                

  • AutoCAD 2000 through 2014 required              

  • A DXF library is also available for non AutoCAD Users                

  • Electronic software delivery occurs within 24 hours                  

One of SimpleCAD’s missions is to increase users design and drafting productivity at a very affordable cost.

SimpleCAD offers various CAD solutions, symbol and hatch libraries for various industries. Samples of their software and block libraries are always available upon request.