BricsCAD (Linux) version 13.2.11-1 en_US are available for download


New installsets for BricsCAD (Linux) version 13.2.11-1 en_US are available for download



  • SEGFAULT ON OPEN: On opening a dwg file, BricsCAD (Linux) 13.2.1 very likely crashed. This issue happened only in release build configurations, it was caused by a too strong optimization by gcc. 


  • PROPERTIES BAR: the length, area and volume values of multiple selected entities are now added up, instead of showing 'Varies'.
  • Added support for the 2013 dwg format (AC27).


  • -LAYER: added the option 'stAte', for creating, editing, renaming, restoring, deleting, importing and exporting layer states.
  • PURGE: improved compatibility.
  • QSELECT: added the QSELECT command, which opens the Properties Bar in 'quick select' mode.
  • SR35221, SR38563 - MATCHPROP: improved the copying of hatch properties in case the source hatch pattern definition was not found.
  • SR35536 - DRAWING EXPLORER: now restores sort column and sort mode (ascending/descending) each time it is reopened (but not between sessions).
  • SR36960, SR38255 - POLARANG: to provide better compatibility, POLARANG is no longer restricted to 0-90 degrees range. Please note that input via LISP/SDS/BRX is in radians, while the commandline input is in degrees.
  • SR36977 - SNAPPING: during grip editing of line and polyline entities, additional tangent and perpendicular snaps to other entities are available now.
  • SR37325 - SPLINES: the performance of DIVIDE and MEASURE commands for splines has been improved by a factor 30.
  • SR37773 - DRAWING EXPLORER: added the EXPFOLDERS command to open the Drawing Explorer on the Folders tab.
  • SR38015 - SPLINES: the performance for offsetting splines has been improved by a factor 10.
  • SR38481 - MATCHPROP: added the copying of viewport properties in the MATCHPROP command.


  • DRAWING EXPLORER PREVIEW: on Linux, the preview panel in the drawing explorer could be drawn incorrectly.
  • HATCH: a generated hatch object ignored the ELEVATION system variable.
  • SR24146, SR24204 - DIMENSIONS: selecting a line, arc and linear/circular edge of an acis entity for DIMLINEAR and DIMALIGNED commands has been fixed.
  • SR25524 - ATTEXT: a template file containing windows line endings (CR+LF) could not be used for attribute extraction (ATTEXT) in BricsCAD(Linux). The file reading has been changed to allow non-native line endings in a template file.
  • SR33941, SR38120 - FOCUS: focus was stolen from other applications windows.
  • SR35401 - XREF: the Xref commandline did not allow to create Xrefs without including the path to their file names.
  • SR35629 - PEDIT: didn't copy xdata from a input object to a polyline if PLINETYPE > 0.
  • SR36300 - CHAMFER: didn't work properly for lines when distance A and distance B were 0.0 and TRIM was ON.
  • SR36473 - PROPERTY PANEL: when selecting a normal block, after having selected a custom block, the normal block type did not get displayed correctly in the Property Panel type combobox.
  • SR36568 - PROPERTIES BAR: entities on 'off' layers are no longer removed from the selection set after one of their properties is changed.
  • SR36568 - QUICK SELECT: entities on 'frozen' layers are ignored for quick select. (They can no longer be included in the selection set, and thus can no longer be edited.)
  • SR36583 - SECTION PLANES: the SECTIONPLANETOBLOCK command ignored the content of block references.
  • SR36885 - FILLET: using FILLET on a C-shaped polyline produced an incorrect result.
  • SR37422 - DIMENSION TEXT: when moving an angular dimension text by grip-editing, the dimension arc got moved even when DIMTMOVE was set to 1 or 2.
  • SR37477 - HATCH DIALOG: when using surveyor units, the angles displayed in the Angle selection combo was incorrect.
  • SR37727 - XREF:
    • removing an xref A, that had a nested xref B, caused an unload of xref B, even if B was referenced directly in the same parent drawing.
    • using the '-XREF' 'Path' command option, a relative path was not recognized.
  • SR37824 - ATTSYNC: the ATTSYNC command worked improperly for block references with constant attributes.
  • SR37859 - PROPERTIES PANEL: the open/closed status of a property list was not remembered.
  • SR38159, SR38295, SR38382, SR38661 - MATERIALS: BricsCAD(Linux) running on Intel graphics crashed when launching the MATERIALS command.
  • SR38309 - AUTOCOMPLETE: autocomplete required a selection from the list before acknowledging a command, unless the full command was typed.
  • SR38362 - TRIM: did not work for non-associative hatches.
  • SR38530 - FONTS: added missing characters to the isocp.shx font to match the industry's standard set of symbols.
  • SR38588 - MEASURE: the MEASURE command did not work properly for entities with large coördinates.
  • SR38744 - ROTATE: the ROTATE command produced incorrect results when ANGBASE was not set to 0 and ANGDIR was set to ON.
  • SR38745 - MTEXT: mtext objects that have invalid right-to-left or bottom-to-top flow directions could not be edited. Now they can be edited, and the flow direction is fixed after the edit.
  • SR38842 - SPELL: mtext formatting code values except F, f, A and a were considered as normal text contents and thus suggested for replacement.
  • SR38924 - AREA COMMAND: when an entity with 0 area was picked (i.e. colinear, closed polyline), the included area was correctly printed as "0.0", but the systemvariable AREA was not set (and kept the previous value).
  • SR39049 - WBLOCK: when using the WBLOCK command .dwg was undesirably appended to the filename if the existing dwg file had a .DWG extension (or similar spelling) other than .dwg.
  • SR39065 - HATCH: BricsCAD crashed loading a hatch with a corrupted 2d spline in the hatch's boundary loop.
  • SR39078 - CSV EXPORT SETTINGS: the settings of BricsCAD can be exported to a CSV file (Comma Separated Value). BricsCAD did not process quotes in any way when exporting settings to CSV. As a result default CSV importing did not work in MS Office or LibreOffice. From now on, if a special character is encountered, the entire field will be quoted and quotes will be escaped by doubling them.
  • SR39155 - HATCH/BHATCH/BOUNDARY: there was a problem to hatch entities that were not in the current UCS plane.
  • SR39309 - CUI, TOOLBARS : in BricsCAD (Linux), toolbars loaded from a CUI file were not properly positioned.
  • SR39435 - MNU: in MNU files, a '+' sign can now be used for commands/helpstrings spanning multiple lines.
  • SR39647 - HATCH: creating a block from a solid hatch, created from polylines with overlapping segments, caused an uncaught exception.
  • SR39813 - BHATCH: it was not possible to inherit Hatch Properties when the type in the Hatch dialog did not match.


  • LISP - SSGET: improved performance when (ssget) is called very often (i.e. in loops), by reducing the number of GarbageCollections.
  • LISP/SDS/BRX: major performance improvements for ssget() / (ssget) filter selection - processing entities by selection filter is up to 6 times faster than before.
  • SR34121 - LISP: a problem existed with the scope of same-named local variables, used by different functions, with the variables being local functions themselves. Under these conditions, a previous function definition was not correctly restored, when a called function returned to the caller (such Lisp code design is mainly used by OpenDCL).
  • SR35899 - LISP : loading large Lisp files at startup of BricsCAD (Linux) could result in a crash.
  • SR36051, SR38543 - DCL: added BricsCAD-only dcl attributes bcad_width, bcad_height. When specified, they are used instead of width, height. This allows small cosmetic BricsCAD-only deviations.
  • SR37909 - LISP/SDS/BRX : fixes a problem using (entmake) resp. sds_entmake()/acdbEntMake() when creating INSERT objects - the handling of DXF codes 70, 71, 44, 45 was not AutoCAD-compatible, so thus sometimes MINSERT objects, that are not explodable, were created.
  • SR37959 - LISP: entity order in selectionset (retrieved by (ssname) + (ssnamex) functions) is now AutoCAD compatible for selection modes "X", "A", "C" and "W".
  • SR38010 - LISP : using "Lisp Optimiser" - (progn item) with a single item could cause a load failure, if the 'item' was an atom, not an expression or list.
  • SR38195 - LISP: a crash occurred when calling ENTMAKE in a user-provided join routine written in lisp.
  • SR38352, SR38674 - LISP : implemented more COM properties for Linux Closed ControlPoints Coordinates EndParameter FitPoints NumberOfControlPoints NumberOfFitPoints StartParameter
  • SR38407 - LISP: if the execution of (command) fails, the "ERRNO" system variable now indicates the error with additional values:
    • -1: an unspecific exception happened
    • -2: an unspecific error happened
    • -3: (command) sequence was cancelled
    • -10: other unspecific error
  • SR38441 - LISP: added functions (align), (mirror3d) and (rotate3d).
  • SR38605 - LISP/SDS/BRX : using (entmod), sds_entmod() or acdbEntMod() and groupcode DXF 60 to control the visibility of a Region or 3dSolid failed, because the DXF 60 groupcode was added at the end of the data list.
  • SR38865, SR38857 - DCL: radio buttons and toggles treat any 'value' in (set_tile key value), which is not numerically 0, as "1" (this means ON or TRUE), like "2" or "-1".
  • SR38887 - LISP/SDS/DCL: functions vector_image() and fill_image()
    • if the length of a vector was 0, nothing was drawn
    • if the area to fill was 1 pixel in width/length, also nothing was drawn
    Both have been fixed to draw at least 1 pixel.
  • SR39319 - DCL IMAGE: the dcl color "dialog_background" (color code -15) of a dcl image was not the same color as the dialog background, due to a bug in the wxWidgets function wxWindow::GetBackgroundColour(). The problem is avoided by using the wxWidgets function wxWindow::ClearBackground().
  • SR39421 - LISP: improved (vl-directory-files nil ...) function - if file mask is not present, the mask defaults to "*", rather than "*.*" as under Windows, which seems more appropriate, and will give same results as under Windows.
  • SR39424 - DCL DISABLE: in dcl on linux, the following dcl components could be displayed with an improper background color: edit_box, list_box, popup_list, slider, text. All of these dcl components consist of a panel that contains one or more child widgets. Before now, disabling any of these dcl components happened by disabling the panel. However, on gtk a panel that is disabled will get another color depending on the theme. This has been avoided by disabling the individual widgets rather than the panel.
  • SR39434 - LISP: the implementation of the (vl-file-directory-p) function always returned NIL.
  • SR39532 - DCL TOGGLE: when clicking a dcl toggle that has no label, a focus bar was drawn around the empty label. This was caused by a bug in wxGtk, so it happened only on linux. It has been avoided by using the style wxALIGN_RIGHT if the label is empty. With this style the focus bar is properly drawn around the toggle.
  • SR39775 - DCL LIST_BOX CALLBACK: when clicking on a dcl list_box, the x,y values reported in a callback were not the actually clicked values, but the center of the clicked cell. From now on, the exact pixel point will be returned instead.
  • SR39820 - DCL: embedded t TAB characters were not expanded by the (set_tile) function when assigning a string to a label (static text field).
  • SR39821 - LISP: when (XData) list was returned by acedRetList() : instead of (1001 . "") only "" was used by Lisp.
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