Delcam Releases DentCAD 2014


Delcam has launched a major upgrade to its DentCAD software for the design of all types of dental restoration, including crowns, bridges, customized abutments and dental bars. 

The new release includes improvements to the shaping of restorations such as crowns and bridges, enhancements to the design of dental bars and more flexible tools for the editing of abutments. DentCAD 2014 also incorporates four new libraries of implants, from Bionumeric, Denracle, MIS and NT Trading.   

DentCAD is an “open” design system that can use data from all leading dental scanning systems to create restorations, and output the designs to any machining software. The improvements to the shaping tools in DentCAD build on the high-definition method for modeling introduced last year to give much better representation of fine details such as cusps and fissures on the tooth. The new methods allow much more dynamic editing, with greater control over the final shape. 

In addition, full undo and redo is now available on all commands, and a new option has been added giving the ability to restore the original shape in any area of the design. Another key area for development has been dental bar design. 

An improved user interface has been added to give easier manipulation of the shape, dimensions and position of the bar, and it is now possible to use multiple cross-sections in the same bar. New options include the ability to edit the top shape of the abutment and to add a shoulder to the abutment. 

Improvements to the existing abutment editing tools include options to add secondary draft to the side wall of the abutment and to flatten the top of the abutment. DentCAD has benefited from developments in Delcam’s DentSCAN scanner that allow accurate scanning of complex superstructure wax-ups in a single operation. The scan data can be imported into DentCAD as one file and converted into a precise duplicate model for machining.

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