BricsCAD (Linux) version 13.2.16


BricsCAD (Linux) version 13.2.16


  • PAGE SETUP EXPLORER - When a Layout tab is right-clicked, the 'Page Setup...' menu option now directly opens the Page Setup dialog for the Layout (CPAGESETUP command) instead of just opening the Page Setup Explorer (PAGESETUP command) where the desired Layout then had to be clicked.


  • SR35323, SR38478, SR41172 - PAGE SETUP WINDOW PLOT AREA : In the Page Setup Explorer, after opening the Page Setup (print) dialog, BricsCAD crashed when trying to define the window plot area. This crash was caused by a too complicated (circular) gui event flow between the Drawing Explorer, the Page Setup Dialog and the main graphics window. This has been fixed by simplifying the event flow: while editing a page setup, the event flow of the Drawing Explorer is now temporarily closed.
  • SR36378, SR40998 - LAYOUT BACKGROUND COLOR - When opening a drawing, Layout 1 displayed the same background color as Model Space, until a refresh was triggered.
  • SR36882 - SAVE: Saving to a filename with foreign characters did not work on a linux system with a non-UTF8 locale.
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