BricsCAD (Windows) releases - Version 14.1.10


BricsCAD (Windows) releases - Version 14.1.10


  • SR42584 - MLEADER: default creation mode was set to arrow head instead of landing.
  • QUAD: improved response time when hovering over polylines with hundreds of vertices.


  • SR42299 - QUAD: cursor got stuck for several seconds when hovering over helical 3D solid.
  • SR42539 - CUSTOMIZE DIALOG - Workspace tab: adding tools to the OnSwitch section was not possible.


  • SR42740 - API: jigger input prompt (OdEdJig, AcEdJig) was not shown when CMDECHO = 0, while it should be.
  • SR42416 - LISP: when setting LISPINIT = 0, asymmetric Lisp core load + save could result in releasing already released memory objects (selectionsets, COM objects).
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