Lantek Expert a reliable, fast and easy solution for Intec Laser Services


Intec Laser Services was the first UK customer for Lantek and its Lantek Expert CADCAM software. Since it was formed in 1979, Intec Laser has grown steadily and was the first Laser Cutting company to be part of the DSM Group.  This group now encompasses six Laser Cutting sites around the UK with locations in Bristol, London, Wakefield, Rugby, Cannock and Redditch. Most of the sites operate using Lantek’s software.


The company specialises in the subcontract market and has customers in a very wide range of industries including aerospace, defence, automotive and white goods, supplying parts cut by both laser and waterjet.


The six sites all have similar top end equipment from Trumpf, Bystronic, Flow and Amada, programmed by multiple licences of Lantek Expert. Typical of its equipment is Intec’s 6kW Trumpf L3030 fully automatic laser cutting machine fitted with a TrueStore sheet handling unit which is located at its Redditch site. This enables the company to produce suitable components unmanned overnight. Here Lantek’s facility for microjointing helps to keep parts securely in the sheet. Dave Millar, Managing Director says, “We tend to use rectangular nests as we are generally making 10 or 20 sheets of the same product. Without microjointing parts could jam the machine which may result in the loss of a full night’s production.”


The speed of programming possible with Lantek Expert is one of the major benefits of the software combined with its ease-of-use. Dave Millar adds, “Because we are in the subcontract industry we have a continual flow of new parts. Lantek Expert programming is extremely fast helping us keep up with customer’s demand for very short lead-times. In addition, when we have a bottleneck in manufacture, Lantek allows us to very easily switch nests from one machine to another amazingly quickly with just two mouse clicks, greatly improving the flexibility of production.”


Intec Laser likes the DXF and DWG interface in Lantek Expert. “The software has a robust translator. Other software we have tried will not reliably open the great variety of file-types supplied by customers from their various CAD systems.  With Lantek, you feed the design in and you are immediately ready to generate the CNC programme. Overall the software is very easy to use - we do all our training in house now. Lantek Expert is a robust trouble free tool we depend on every day as part of our busy business, making it a key element and essential part of our successful operation.”