BricsCAD (Windows) releases 14.1.13


BricsCAD (Windows) releases 14.1.13


  • SR42614 - ELEVATION: the ELEVATION value could become undesirably modified after real-time operations.
  • SR42520 - MODELING: when UCSDETECT = On, 'General modeling failure' messages occurred upon selecting or hovering the quad over certain solid types.


  • LISP: the (vla-GetCustomScale) function incorrectly called the non-existing "CustomScale" method instead of "GetCustomScale".
  • SR42823, SR43115 - DCL: dcl radio buttons were being incorrectly selected at the dialog initialization.
  • SR42832 - DCL LIST_BOX: a range select by click-dragging in a list_box did not trigger a callback. This was a regression that started with the use of a new wxWidgets version in BricsCAD V14.
  • SR43113, SR43150, SR43163 - LISP/SDS/BRX: CMDECHO=0 was not respected for input by (command), sds_cmd(), sds_command() and acedCommand(). (V14.1.10 Regression)
  • SR43186 - LISP: in some cases the (inters) function failed, the dynamic tolerance has been improved.
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