RhinoMold 4.0 has been released!


RhinoMold is analysis software for plastic parts and/or injection molds for Rhinoceros.

RhinoMold offers mold operators and engineers the possibility to design, analyze and quote molds extremely rapidly and precisely.

A set of tools to facilitate the accurate analysis of plastic parts and enable the professional construction of molds.

Main Features

  1. New tools that are only included in high-level CAD software.

  2. Geometric comparison of pieces to control differences.

  3. Dynamic analysis of demolding angle with demolding log.

  4. Weight calculation for parts with an extensive list of plastic materials.

  5. Dynamic real-time thickness analysis, ideal for geometric controls.

  6. Automatic cavity-core separation with the possibility to interact and to define additional slide movements.  Automatic creation of split curves and split surfaces.

  7. Tools for creating rectangular and/or circular inserts.